House and gardens

Secluded garden at Hanham

Hanham Court is a secluded Cotswold garden, but very close to Bristol. Hanham Court is a country manor, featuring a historic house, parish church with a medieval tithe barn, and an attractive duck pond, all standing next to the remains of a medieval abbey.

The garden at Hanham was designed by the team of I&J Bannerman, garden designers to the Prince of Wales. At Hanham Court they have crafted a garden that is very romantic, with a focus on scented plants, featuring a variety of fountains and temples, orchards and wildflowers. Here you will find old roses, tree peonies, lilies, and treeferns, and a wooded area with a stream running through it, plus a variety of water features, including ponds, cascades, and small pools.

Gloucestershire history

Gloucestershire is an old county named in the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle in the 10th century, but the areas of Winchcombe and the Forest of Dean were not added until the late 1000s. Gloucestershire originally included Bristol, which was at the time just a small town. The rural community moved to the harbour city (as Bristol was to become) and Bristol's population growth accelerated during the industrial revolution. Bristol became its own county, separate from Gloucestershire and Somerset in 1373. Centuries later, it became part of the administrative County of Avon from 1974 to 1996.

Upon the abolition of Avon in 1996, the region north of Bristol became a unitary authority area of South Gloucestershire. Now it is part of the ceremonial county of Gloucestershire.

The official former postal county abbreviation was "Glos.", rather than the frequently used but erroneous "Gloucs." or "Glouc.".

In July 2007, tens of thousands of residents in Gloucestershire were affected by the worst flooding in recorded British history. The RAF conducted the largest peace-time domestic operation in its history to rescue over 120 residents from flood affected areas. The damage was estimated at over £2 billion.

The county recovered rapidly from the disaster, investing in attracting tourists to visit the many sites and diverse range of shops in the area.


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